2017 Goals

One of my goals for this coming year (like every year) is to write more here. I tend to write a bunch of drafts and never feel like they are good enough to actually publish. But, I'm going to try to start writing anything, even if it's a post saying that I don't want to … Continue reading 2017 Goals

October Yoga Spice {Yoga Challenge}

This month's yoga challenge is called October Yoga Spice. It's hosted by @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga, and sponsored by  @aloyoga. This month there is a charity donation going to @yogisheart to fund youth yoga scholarships. For every 50,000 posts $1,000 will be donated and for 100,000 posts, Kino and Kerri will match and make the donation $2,000! As an added incentive … Continue reading October Yoga Spice {Yoga Challenge}

Back to Backbends – Week 1 {Yoga Challenge}

Leave me a comment on Instagram if you’re doing the challenge too! Related Links: July Yoga Challenge - Back to Backbends June Yoga Challege - Yoga Gives Back May Yoga Challenge - May I Begin Yoga 2015 April Yoga Challenge - Detox Yo Body March Yoga Challenge - Journey to Handstand

Back to Backbends ‬Challenge {Yoga Challenge}

July's yoga challenge is called ‎Back to Backbends‬. It's a focused challenge that centers around becoming stronger and more flexible in your backbends. It's hosted by @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga, and sponsored by @aloyoga.  There will be prizes given away at the end of the month for those who participate daily and tag #BacktoBackbends, @beachyogagirl, @kinoyoga, and @aloyoga.  I love doing these challenges every … Continue reading Back to Backbends ‬Challenge {Yoga Challenge}

‎Yoga Gives Back ‬Challenge {Yoga Challenge}

June's yoga challenge is called ‎Yoga Gives Back‬. The focus is on the Ashtanga Yoga Method and giving back to the community. It's hosted by the ever talented @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga, and sponsored by @aloyoga and @yogagivesback. Yoga Gives Back provides micro-loans and educational funding to the poor in India.  50,000 hash-tagged posts and @aloyoga will donate $1,000, 100,000 = … Continue reading ‎Yoga Gives Back ‬Challenge {Yoga Challenge}