October Yoga Spice {Yoga Challenge}

October Yoga Challenge - October Yoga SpiceThis month’s yoga challenge is called October Yoga Spice.
It’s hosted by @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga, and sponsored by  @aloyoga.

This month there is a charity donation going to @yogisheart to fund youth yoga scholarships. For every 50,000 posts $1,000 will be donated and for 100,000 posts, Kino and Kerri will match and make the donation $2,000!

As an added incentive to post, @aloyoga will also be giving away $200 each week to one participant.

About the challenge:
These yoga postures will focus on creating balance, strength and playfulness in your practice. As always, all levels are encouraged to participate and there will be modifications given.

How to participate:
1. Starting Oct 1, share a photo on Instagram of the challenge pose for that day after your practice.
2. Follow and tag @KinoYoga, @beachYogaGirl, @aloyoga, and @yogisheart and tag #OctoberYogaSpice in your daily posts!
3. Have fun! Join the yoga community on Instagram by commenting and liking other people’s photos who are participating in the challenge. *Make sure your account is public so all can see!

Leave me a comment on Instagram if you’re doing the challenge too!




3 thoughts on “October Yoga Spice {Yoga Challenge}

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi there, I’m new to Instagram and I saw my daughters friend has joined your OctoberYogaSpice Challenge. I wold like to know how I can join please? I know I’m a few days behind but I can catch up. @kpowers63 Thank-you and Namaste’


    • Christine says:

      Hi Kathy,

      I’m not hosting the challenge, but you can follow the hosts @kinoyoga and @beachyogagirl on Instagram. All you have to do to join the challenge is post the day’s pose on Instagram, tag the hosts and sponsors, and use the tag #octoberYogaSpice. There will be prizes given out to random participants, or you can just follow along just for fun if you wish to participate that way. You can catch up anytime and Kino and Kerri always post the following day’s pose the night before. =)


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