Back to Backbends ‬Challenge {Yoga Challenge}


July’s yoga challenge is called ‎Back to Backbends‬. It’s a focused challenge that centers around becoming stronger and more flexible in your backbends. It’s hosted by @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga, and sponsored by @aloyoga

There will be prizes given away at the end of the month for those who participate daily and tag #BacktoBackbends, @beachyogagirl, @kinoyoga, and @aloyoga

I love doing these challenges every month because they’ve forced me to find the time to practice every single day, and the challenges that focus on one specific thing (like backbends, splits, arm balances, etc) always give me huge amounts of progress. It’s fun to interact with the yoga community on Instagram (plus you can win some neat yoga gear), but even if you’re just looking for a monthly guided practice, make sure to follow Kino and Kerri because they give awesome tips and tricks for each pose.

Leave me a comment on Instagram if you’re doing the challenge too!

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