July Goals

  • Clean off desk and keep it clean. Organize papers every night and clean it completely every Sunday night.
  • Try to find members for GISHWES team.
  • Put/give crap away. Declutter and put away seasonal things and things that aren’t used very often.
  • Finish Creating at Effective Writer course.
  • Look into scholarships for MA program and decide if it’s something I want to pursue now.
  • Write more consistently…blog at least 3 times a week. Get weekly yoga posts up on time!
  • Come up with giveaways. Probably one a month to start.  Tea, yoga stuff, vegan snacks, cookbook.
  • Be more active. Don’t sit as much.
  • Be active with Sophia’s Teas social media accounts. Plan and send out monthly tea newsletters.
  • Go over grocery budget.
  • Set aside $40/week for 2017 Greece vacation.

Do you set daily, weekly, or monthly goals?

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