January Goals Revisited

Instead of a new years resolution, I had a few goals for January:

Complete 33 days of p90x3. Success. I started on Dec. 30th, so by the end of January I  completed 33 workouts. I plan on continuing this for February and March.


No spend January. I’d say half success. I started off really well, and spent about $130 a week (on average) instead of $100 for groceries. I also needed to buy vitamins for everyone, and ordered a 3 month supply from Vitacost…so that was $56 that I hadn’t planned for. Other than that my only splurge was on two bottles of kombucha (~$8) because I was really excited to start brewing it at home. What helped was using cash for purchases (xmas money) and keeping a list of any impulse buys that I wanted. I’m going to try to do this again for February.

Keep my desk clean for the month of January. Fail. I almost finished cleaning it today (Feb 7th).

Paint the hallway before the end of January. Success. Except for fixing the part of the ceiling that I got purple on, everything was done by January 23rd.


Put various amounts of money aside into savings each week. Fail. I didn’t even do this once. I didn’t really want to because I wanted to focus on saving money this month.

How are your new years resolutions shaping up?

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