Review: p90x3…5 Weeks Down

So I officially have completed 5 weeks of p90x3, and I really like it. I’m following the lean schedule and I’ve done all of the workouts. I didn’t use any of the built in rest days, but I did skip a few days when I had a headache, and when my parents came to visit for my birthday. Any day I skipped, I doubled up on the next.


My schedule for January (Click for bigger image)

Things I like:

  • I really like the length of the workouts. 30 minutes is perfect and most of them fly by. Even the ones that aren’t my favorite aren’t so bad because I know it goes by pretty quickly.
  • Some of the routines…namely the yoga, dynamix, isometrics, triometrics, and incinerator. I LOVE the yoga routine so much. There are some poses I can do really well and it makes me feel like a rockstar, but it’s not too easy because there are others that I really struggle with.
  • That there is really no required equipment. So far, the only one I’ve done that needed a piece of equipment was Incinerator, and I already have a resistance band (all that’s really required) and a pull up bar. For CVX, I just use some random object as a weight (my stainless steel water bottle, a ball, a kids toy).
  • Feeling sore…especially after triometrics and incinerator.
  • The schedule. I might not like all of the workouts, but it’s hard to get bored with the number of different routines. This is the first exercise program that I’ve actually stuck to consistently.


(Sticker charts…not only for children.)

Things that I don’t like:

  • Pilates and MMX. I normally like pilates and was looking forward to it, but I always felt like I was doing the breathing wrong. I’ve only done it once, so maybe it’ll make more sense later on. I also didn’t like the MMX routine because I just can’t throw punches without feeling awkward. I like the cardio aspect of it, but sometimes I get nauseous while changing planes doing the jumps and sprawls.
  • The calorie burn is not as great as I expected/have read about. My heart rate monitor might not be accurate, or maybe taking into account my body weight, I just won’t burn as many calories as other people. Or maybe I’m just not working hard enough. =/
  • I’ve gained a solid 3 lbs since starting…and it’s not just muscle. In the beginning I was overly hungry so I ate more. Then my appetite slowed, but I ate a TON of sugar on my birthday (and the following week) which didn’t help. So I think if I didn’t eat all the crap last week, it probably would’ve come off by now. (I haven’t been following the nutrition program. I intended on it, but it’s just not happening right now.)
  • The price and MLM culture surrounding it. This program is super expensive, and it’s not that I don’t think it’s worth it, but it’s hard to justify the price when there are tons of cheaper (or free) alternatives out there. Plus it’s hard to find any objective info out there about it because it seems like everyone and their mother is a beach body coach.

Overall, I think the program is really good and I’m confident I’ll be able to finish the full 90 days. I also think I feel stronger already, which is what I’m going for. I took before pictures, but I doubt they’ll ever see the light of day. =)

Do you follow any workout routines or videos?

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