Christmas Food

This year since we were going around to a million different houses for Christmas day, we had a nice Christmas Eve dinner at the house.


We had our annual Christmas veggie tree.


And Cheddar Bay Biscuits.


And a baked ziti.


This year we had gingerbread cookies. This recipe came out awesome (also the best vegan cutout cookie recipe I’ve ever tried.


I couldn’t find my rolling pin, so I used my One Lucky Duck stainless steel water bottle and I swear it worked even better because it wasn’t super long and awkward.


 These puppies were left out for me…I mean Santa.


We also made Christmas candy pretzel sticks.


Also left out for…”Santa”


I had a ton of people order these (and I gave some as a gift)…

wpid-IMAG4275.jpgwhich means we had to test out a bunch of different flavors.

What did you eat for Christmas?

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