Christmas Decor

As of yesterday, we’ve officially taken down and cleaned up all of the Christmas decorations. Since I didn’t get a post up before Christmas, here is a quick picture recap:


Every year we make a few ornaments.


We turned the pellet stove on and it was so relaxing.


This year we also painted canvases.


Another one we made above our fireplace.


One we bought last year (featuring our lovely living room wallpaper).


I bought these salt and pepper shakers for $5.99 at Target. My parents had some when I was a kid, so I had to get some for our house.


Our Christmas (sun) room on Christmas night.

DSC_0300More of our Christmas room.


And it’s not a decoration, but my one real Christmas tradition is watching the X-Files episode How the Ghosts Stole Christmas.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?


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