A New Year of Workouts

I started 2015 off very casually, in yoga pants, sitting by the fire, drinking a mimosa-type drink with Buddha ice cubes, jotting down some notes in my new planner, and just talking with my husband. It was nice and relaxing, and we just barely made it to midnight. I've pinned a couple of new easy … Continue reading A New Year of Workouts

Gifts We Gave and Received

Gifts we gave... A Dyson for my mom. I told her we were going to give her ours since our house has a Central Vac system, and she loves our Dyson, but since the Central Vac doesn't cover the entire house, we wanted to keep our Dyson and I bought her the exact same model. … Continue reading Gifts We Gave and Received

Christmas Food

This year since we were going around to a million different houses for Christmas day, we had a nice Christmas Eve dinner at the house. We had our annual Christmas veggie tree. And Cheddar Bay Biscuits. And a baked ziti. This year we had gingerbread cookies. This recipe came out awesome (also the best vegan cutout cookie recipe … Continue reading Christmas Food