My First (and second) Trip to the Chiropractor

I’m always complaining of back pain. I don’t think I  have a “bad back” but I have horrible posture and I constantly lift things wrong. A couple weeks ago I had the most amazing Ashiatsu massage, and I was thinking that maybe I should try going to a chiropractor. There was like an 8 week waiting period before I could get in, but I finally had my first (and second) appointments this past week. I’m a little skeptical of chiropractors because, while I completely think spine health is important, I wonder about the effectiveness of the techniques they use.

My first impression of the place was a bit scary. It looked a little sketchy, and had a weird smell. I filled out 10 redundant papers, waited 15 minutes and was taken back into a room (with the same funky smell). Also, does every chiropractor’s office have cocoa butter in every room #happyEndings?



I had my blood pressure and oxygen levels taken, and watched a 4 minute video about chiropractors. When Dr. Bob came in, he had me do a few flexibility tests, and asked a bunch of questions. Then came the adjustment. I love having my back cracked, and I’ve never cracked so much ever. It felt amazing. Apparently, I have a weak right hamstring, which makes my leg act like it’s shorter than my left (because my legs aren’t short enough, right?), and my upper back has some problems, oh and I have ugly feet. He recommended coming in twice a week to work on the deeper muscles and then he will give me exercises to do at home.

My second visit consisted of laying on this rolling massage table for 10 minutes and then an adjustment.  I was told this will be how my appointments will go for a while.

I haven’t made up my mind yet about the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment, or if I will benefit from it, but at 15 minutes twice a week, I’m willing to give it a shot. Plus the massage table feels good. =)

Have you ever gone to the chiropractor? Did it help you long term?

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