Two Deliciously Refreshing Patriotic Desserts

Happy Independence Day everyone! Here are two desserts I made for the 4th this year. One couldn’t be simpler and the other I think I just got lucky. Both desserts are non-dairy and refined sugar free. I added 1 stevia packet to each dessert (one for all 8 pops, and one for the ice cream), but of course there’s a lot of sugar in the fruit by itself.

The first time I tried to make ice cream, the mint chocolate chip flavor was great, but the consistency just wasn’t right. I used hemp and coconut milk, but I didn’t have quite enough salt for the ice cream maker and I think it didn’t get cold enough to freeze right. The end result was like freezer burnt ice cream. I ate some of it, and then I used the rest to make a delicious mint chocolate chip protein shake.

This time, I made sure to follow all of the ice cream maker instructions to the T, but I took too long with the salt and ice layers and my ice cream started freezing before I got the darn thing turned on. It wouldn’t turn because the motor wasn’t strong enough to turn through the frozen-ness. I pretty much felt like a failure at this point, but I ran the outside of the ice cream container under hot water for a few seconds and then tried again. After about 20 minutes I finally had real (non dairy) ice cream! The full fat coconut milk made it extra creamy and the berries hide the coconut-y flavor.



Red White and Blue Berry Pops:

(makes about 8 pops)

1-1/2 cup fresh red berries  OR 2 cups frozen

1-1/2 cups fresh blueberries OR 2 cups frozen

1 cup coconut milk

stevia or other sweetener if desired

1 tsp vanilla extract



Blend the red berries until they are a watery, slushy mixture. You can add stevia or another sweetener, but I think the berries are sweet enough alone. Add about 2 tbsps of the mixture in each popsicle mold. Let set in freezer for about 10-15 minutes (I used frozen berries, let set longer if you use fresh).

Mix the coconut milk, vanilla, and stevia/sweetener (I used some stevia in this mixture). Add another 2 tbsps on top of the red berry mixture. Let set in freezer for another 15 minutes until slushy. You want it frozen enough that the layers come out neatly, but not completely frozen so that you can’t get the stick in.

Blend the blueberries and then add to the last layer of the ice pops. Insert the sticks and let set until they are solid.



Berry Medley Ice Cream

(requires ice cream maker)

6 Tbsp water

1 Stevia packet

1 cup mixed frozen berries (plus a few to mix in later)

3 cups full fat coconut milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

squirt of lemon juice


Add the water, stevia, and frozen berries to a medium pot. Simmer on medium-low for about 20 minutes or until the berries are a thick gooey consistency.

Let cool til room temperature, then blend berry mixture, coconut milk, vanilla and lemon.

Let set in fridge for a while to bring down the temperature to get ready for the ice cream maker.

Follow ice cream maker instructions. Add in a handful of berries in the last few minutes of processing. Let set in freezer until ready to eat!


Mixture right after it’s done processing.

End result: Delicious (I can’t believe it’s vegan) Ice Cream!

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