Greece Update 2

I want to write every day and tell of my great Greece adventures, but we're always so busy and the lack of internet is a problem too. Every night we've been getting into the hottest night clubs VIP style. We got home at 6 this morning and everyone minus me, Rami, and Court went back … Continue reading Greece Update 2

Greece-All Nighter

Tuesday night, we headed out to go to a club around 1am. The club wasn't open so we went to a bar and smoked hookah for a while. Then we headed back to Ploughman's (a bar near my apartment). Around 6 we decided to leave, but get something to eat. The mysterious hot dog stand … Continue reading Greece-All Nighter

First Contact

I'm living in Athens, Greece. It is very very beautiful, but there are many good things and bad things about this city. Good: Gorgeous Place where the greatest thinkers lived The nightlife is absolutly amazing THEY SERVE BEER IN MC DONALDS Amazing amazing apartment...4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an entire floor, two balconies, great view. Bad: … Continue reading First Contact