Greece-All Nighter


Tuesday night, we headed out to go to a club around 1am. The club wasn’t open so we went to a bar and smoked hookah for a while. Then we headed back to Ploughman’s (a bar near my apartment). Around 6 we decided to leave, but get something to eat.

The mysterious hot dog stand was missing (it comes and goes between 11pm and 5am) McDonald’s was closed, so we went to the crepe place (it’s always open). After we got spinach/cheese pies/beer we decided we needed to stay up and go to an island. We hoped in a cab, went to Nouh’s and watched My Boss’ Daughter.


At like 8:30 we got up and walked around Monastiraki and went back to my place to get some money. Then we hoped on the metro (still in the clothes from when we went clubbing the night before) and took it to Pireaus (the port). We found an agent and told her we wanted to go to an island right away. It was 20 euros round trip and it took about 40 minutes to get there. We rode in the back of the ferry so we could sit outside.

When we got to Aegina we were going to go swimming but it was freezing, so instead we stuck our feet and our heads in the Aegean Sea. We got coffee, and eventually headed home. I left my apartment at 1am and got home at 6:30pm the following day.
Adventures like these are why I love Greece.


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