Greece Update 2


I want to write every day and tell of my great Greece adventures, but we’re always so busy and the lack of internet is a problem too. Every night we’ve been getting into the hottest night clubs VIP style. We got home at 6 this morning and everyone minus me, Rami, and Court went back out to the bar. Another highlight (of my life) was getting to the mall around 4:30, grabbing a brew and then going shopping. I love walking around the mall with a beer in my hand.
Okay, it’s not all about alcohol, I think we’re starting to get used to it now.

I’m learning Greek, Arabic (Lebanese), and Chinese. So far I can say the basics, I’m hungry, I love you, tasty beer, hello beautiful/pimp, dog, and thank you.
I feel like I’ve been here forever, twice I’ve gotten asked for directions.

Tomorrow through wed I’m going to the Peloponnese. We’re going to Olympia and Sparta and a few other places. So far we’ve done the Agora, Acropolis, Meteora, and Delphi.

I had to cancel my spring break italy trip. I decided it was just too expensive and I’m going to only go for a few days, and def go when Mandi is here. I believe I’m going to hit up the islands with some of the girls instead. Although, I am really jealous that all of my apartment and the guys are going to be in Rome for Easter.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned how I love the people here. My roommates are crazy and so much fun. We just got a new Chinese roommate that doesn’t speak much english (hence my learning chinese). I think we all get along really well. Last night we had a group dinner, court did the hamburgers, Jess did the salad, and I did the french fries.
Rami is playing with my computer, so I have to go now..but I will update when ever possible.

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