Summer Splits Final Week

Summer Splits Challenge Final Week

I really loved the summer splits challenge. It was a good combination of splits, hip openers, and arm balances.  Below, I’ve posted the final few poses and then a before and after shot of Lord of the Dance pose.

2014-06-26_1403824517 2014-06-27_1403887727

Want to see a HUGE improvement in this one? Click here. I’m using the wall, and in handstand, but I’m *so* close to touching my toes to my head.2014-06-29_1404002775 2014-06-29_1404073178 2014-06-30_1404168898

The picture below is the before and after with about 3 weeks of practicing Lord of the Dance pose every other day or so. Improvement is slight, but it feels a lot easier to move in to. I couldn’t even do it at first. Now, my leg is slightly higher, as is my chest. I definitely think the Summer Splits Challenge has helped deepen my splits. 


For anyone interested in the Summer Splits challenge, I’d recommend checking out the Summer Splits Week 1 post and searching on Instagram for #SummerSplitsChallenge.

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