Yoga Every Day in May and the Topic of Yoga Selfies

Yoga in May 1For the month of May, I decided to do a 30 day yoga challenge. I did yoga every single day, without fail, and posted a picture on Instagram and Twitter. Some days I did a full yoga routine, usually the p90x3 workout because it’s one of my favorites, and some days I focused on one pose and worked on poses leading up to and improving on it. Some poses I picked because I’m good at them, and some were chosen by other people participating. Part of the way into the month, I discovered yoga challenges on Instagram, and did whatever pose was selected for the #MayIBeginYoga challenge. I had a few Twitter friends who did it with me, and it was a neat experience.

Yoga in May 2I never really thought of “yoga selfies” as a thing, and I definitely never thought of myself as a “selfie” person, but I was reading about yoga selfies and apparently some people think they are great and some think they are terrible. I definitely don’t take them to show off, I think it’s really interesting to see poses I thought I was good at, or feel like I’m doing them right, and then see the picture of how off I am. It’s also fun to share with other people and it has helped me get out of my comfort zone a little bit. I also tried poses that I’d never heard of before (bird of paradise). I hope that me sharing pictures would inspire people to either try something new, or see that you can be decent at one thing (dancer) and absolutely atrocious at another (tortoise).

Yoga in May 3I’d also like to point out that Fox is photobombing me in most of my pictures, and those pictures are the ones that received the most likes, lol. It’s like he sees me getting on the mat and thinks it’s “pet me” time. The pictures with him are my favorite ones too (especially this one), if only he wouldn’t approach my yoga time as “mommy looks like she’s really concentrating…I think I’ll claw her ankle/arm now!”

Yoga in May 4Check out my pictures (not in the order I did them). I’m also still posting yoga challenge pictures on Twitter and Instagram.

Yoga in May 5Yoga in May 6


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