Weekend Update – Home Depot, HomeGoods, and Lots of Food!

I had such an amazing weekend! It was full of baking, yoga, and window shopping.

I pretty much do yoga every day anyway, but in May, my goal is to practice every single day and post a photo as proof. So far I have these:


Legs up the wall, dancer, crow, and mermaid.

To get ready for the weekend, I went shopping and bought a bunch of snack foods:

vegan snacks

Chia and Quinoa chips (they taste just like normal tortilla chips). Mint Fudge Bites (these were on clearance at Giant for $2.50….they were originally priced at $8.49?!? They are SO GOOD, but there’s definitely not enough in the container to be that expensive.) Amy’s Mint Chocolate Chip non-dairy ice cream…this was the best mint chocolate chip ice cream I’ve ever tried. It’s a lot creamier than the rice ones. It was actually so normal, that I double checked that it was actually vegan and that I didn’t accidentally buy an organic milk one. And kale chips…this is the first time I’ve had the kool ranch ones. My husband tried one and then actually went back for more.
Hail Merry

These macaroons are really, really good. The caramel sea salt is to die for! They’re pricey at $4.99 a bag (and yes I ate the entire bag in one sitting).sriracha

I also got this HUGE bottle of organic sriracha on the clearance rack for $4. Despite the fact that I don’t need $8 work of sriracha right now, it’s way cheaper than the stuff I usually buy ($6.99 for a smaller bottle).

Friday I got dressed up:


And even though I bought a lot of junk food, I made these lemon ricotta cookies using Tofutti vegan ricotta cheese:


Saturday morning I made blueberry muffins. I posted the recipe on my instagram…they are seriously SO easy.


 Then, I willingly went to the Home Depot, and ended up buying plants and more plants. I knew I wanted to get sunflower seeds to plant, and then I saw a bunch of succulents for $1.99-$4.98, so I had to grab a couple. I have a bunch of small pots I got from Michael’s during a clearance sale last fall, and they were all between $.60-$2.


I also knew I wanted a few pepper plants for this season. I only wanted to grow a few things since we’re still getting used to the house and we have to much to do, but of course I went overboard and bought 5 more plants because they were only $2! I got a purple bell, cajun bell, banana pepper, strawberry, and zucchini squash. This is in addition our four tomato plants, horseradish, blueberry bush, and fig tree! We also have root vue kits, but I think they’re growing mold. =( I’m torn now that I’ve started buying Dr. Earth’s organic potting soil because I’ve read such awful things about miracle grow, but I don’t want to spend $$$ on another bag for the sunflowers.


Since I went to the Home Depot, I talked my husband into going to HomeGoods with me. I really wanted to buy *something*. Something out of my comfort zone, or a little wild. I think I want to put beachy art work on our one wall and there was SO much, but it all seemed way over priced. This is why we have no art or anything because I just can’t spend $50 on a small-ish picture of a seashell.

wpid-img_20140503_163936.jpgI grabbed these persimmon slices as soon as we walked in, so that I would definitely buy something. I had never had a persimmon before, and they were good. But obviously with any dried fruit there is a ridiculous amount of sugar.


We have no need for new dishes, but I liked the way these look.

And I LOVE this picture. I was really tempted to buy it for my 6yo’s bathroom for when we paint, but it was $17 and it just seemed like too much. It’s not a very big print at all. I took a picture of it so I can try to make it myself for cheaper. Hopefully, it won’t turn out to be one of those projects that costs even more than if I had just bought it.

There were also curtains that I liked and were very reasonable, and an ottoman for the end of the bed that was more $$$ than I would want to spend, but very cheap compared to a furniture store, and they had a TON of cushions that were really cute. We spent a long time deciding if we wanted to get fun summer color cushions for the sun room, but ultimately I didn’t want to spend $60+ on something we don’t need.

I found a plastic margarita glass on the shelf for $2.99, but after searching the whole store, we could only find one other one. They had glass ones that were cheaper than the plastic, but I thought these would be fun dessert glasses, and definitely wanted plastic for the kids. Super awesome husband found this set of plastic martini glasses. I wish they were plain, rather than with the etching, but I grabbed them.


And then as soon as we got home I used one inappropriately:

wineAfter dinner, I made mint chocolate chip sundaes.

With organic vegan mint chocolate chip ice cream, the mint fudge bites, and a sprig of organic mint.MintChocolateChip

And they were gooooood.Sundae
After all of the sugar on Saturday, I made baked oatmeal for breakfast on Sunday. Usually I make a recipe that has oil and sugar in it, but I tried something different, and it just calls for one mashed banana. It gets it’s sweetness from the banana and added blueberries, and I think I actually prefer this one. I sliced up a banana to put on the bottom of the dish, and then layered it on top also. 


Next weekend, we’re taking our ritual Mother’s Day trip to IKEA (I’m SO excited). I’m also pretty excited to learn that IKEA is going to introduce vegetarian Swedish meatballs next year (here’s to hoping they’re vegan too). To prep for our trip, I made “meatballs” loosely based on this recipe. I made them about 100x simpler than the recipe, but I used the same base of 1 cup cooked lentils, 2 cups cooked (brown) rice, 1/2 cup+ old fashion oats, and nutritional yeast. I also served them in marinara sauce because it was quicker. They came out so good that I didn’t have a chance to take any pictures. But I froze a bunch uncooked, so I’ll have to post the full recipe next time I make them.

What did you do this weekend? Do you have any goals for May? Any fun Mother’s Day plans?

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