Review: Montagne Jeunesse Face Masks

montagneJeunesseI’ve been searching for the past 9 months, since we bought our house, for a skin care routine that will help all the breakouts I’ve been getting from our hard water. I’ve tried a million (slight exaggeration) different things, all with varying degrees of effectiveness. Montagne Jeunesse sent me a few of these face masks to try, and I’ve really been enjoying them. I planned on asking my husband to do one with me one night, and they actually have a men’s one, so he had no excuse!  The main reason I really love these face masks is because of how well they work. It’s like they reset my skin. I like to do them on Sunday night in order to relax and get ready for the upcoming week. They have different types, and they all make my skin really smooth, and lessen redness.

What I love about these:

  • They work. They make your skin incredibly smooth.
  • The cost and availability. You can find them in your local grocery store, and they only cost a few dollars. I use 1/2 a package once a week, which means I spend $3-4 a month.
  • A lot of product. I get two uses out of one package, so this makes it even cheaper.
  • They don’t use animal testing, and most of them are vegan. (Some have milk derivatives or honey.)

What I would change:

I love *most* of the ingredients, but I wish they should take out the fragrance and artificial colors. I know most beauty products have both of these, but I try to avoid them if possible.


These were the two my husband and I did the other night.faceMaskIf you’d like to try Montagne Jeunesse skincare, they are running a giveaway on their Facebook page over here.

I’d also love to pick up a few products to do a giveaway here if there is any interest! Let me know in the comments!

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