Weekend Wrap Up: Dropping Fat and My First Massage

I must’ve done something right this past weekend because somehow I lost about 2 lbs and dropped to 18.8% body fat. I think it might just be one of those fluctuations that don’t really matter because I’m not sure that I “earned” the fat loss. I made (and ate) brownies, had half of a beer, and a delicious piece of baklava. I don’t care for sweets in general, and I never ever liked brownies, so having them in the house is a rare occurrence. And even though baklava is sickeningly sweet, there’s just something about it, that I can’t resist a good piece.


I got a small, but great workout in on Friday (yoga, abs, 2.5 minute plank), which probably helped, and did a 3 mile walk on Saturday. I almost went to the free yoga class at Keystone Yoga Studio but I kind of talked myself out of it. I was up early and wide awake, but I’ve never been there before and just kept thinking of all the work I should do instead. I definitely want to try it out at some point.



I also got an amazing massage from Polished Spa and Salon. It was my first professional massage (I had a spa treatment done once at Park Ave), and it was great. I got there about 25 minutes early, and they brought me in right away. The masseuse I had was Christine, and she was so incredibly friendly. She explained a little about the massage and what I should expect and then left me to change. When I was laying on the table waiting for Christine to come in, all I could think about was how relaxed I was and how I needed to create a room like that in my house…dim lights, relaxing music, aromatherapy..I almost fell asleep before she got in the room. I got the Ashiatsu massage, which is done mostly with the practitioner’s feet, and I loved it. I like really rough massages and it was the perfect amount of pressure.  I tried to meditate while I was in there but I couldn’t keep my mind focused, probably because of the constant movement, and definitely because I kept thinking how great it felt. I wish I could afford to get weekly (or even monthly) massages because I think if it was a regular thing, it would be really beneficial.

I’m thinking I should review different massage parlors/techniques in the area …if any massage practitioners need a review…=)



Yesterday, I signed up for the DailyHiit’s 7 day challenge, I will be starting today, woo hoo!

I love the p90x workouts, especially the ab ripper x. There are a few exercise in ab ripper x that make me nauseous (think vertigo), so here is my modified (and way easier) version that I do a few times a week:

  • 25 In and Outs with arms on the ground
  • 50 bicycles forward
  • 25 Crunchy Frogs
  • 50 bicycles in reverse
  • 25 In and Outs with arms raised straight above head
  • 75+ Mason Twists

(For good descriptions of the exercises check out this page. There are also tons of youtube videos out there with the info.)

I like really basic exercises that you don’t need equipment or a lot of time/space to do. These are my other almost daily exercises:

  • Plank
  • Push-ups
  • Squats at the wall


Friday: I was good and stuck with my green smoothie, had a left over stuffed pepper for lunch, a handful of mini chocolate chips for a snack, a vegan chicken patty burger w/asparagus for dinner, and a brownie for dessert.



Saturday: Baked oatmeal with cherries, cinnamon and coconut, green smoothie, falafel with a few waffle fries and baklava from Shab’s Pita Stroller, and a brownie donut for dessert. Saturday was my 3 mile walk, and my massage!



Sunday: Green smoothie, cup of 1/2 coffee and 1/2 unsweetened vanilla almond milk, brownie donut, baked cherry oatmeal with coconut, and a wonderful Cinco de Mayo feast..Daiya quesadillas, taco salad, rice, black beans, and corn.


Also on Sunday I destroyed my resistance band. =(

Final thoughts

This past week, someone who I greatly admired suddenly passed away. The suspected cause of death is a massive heart attack, even though although he was seemingly healthy, and only 65. A lot of things have been running through my head, but  at the end of the day it reminds me to strive to be healthy and enjoy the time I have with my loved ones, because no one knows when it will be your time to go.

What is your motivation to keep healthy?

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