SmartGlamour and Body Positivity

Be Yourself

SmartGlamour is a clothing company created and owned by my friend Mallorie Carrington. She’s been making clothes and into fashion for as long as I can remember, but it was about a year ago that I discovered her campaign for body positivity.

Body positivity was something I never knew I should care about. I was never really happy with my body but I thought 5 inch heels and losing weight was the answer, not acceptance.


About two years ago, I was really happy with my body. I was lean and fit and it was freeing. Then I gained about 10 lbs and I felt a mental weight added too. I realized then, that I cared way too much about how my body looks. Now, I focus on being healthy but because I truly enjoy it, not because I don’t like my body.

Smart Glamour

Another thing I love about SmartGlamour is that hey have clothes to fit every size. Generally to find clothes that fit, I have to shop in the little girls section, and the clothes still never fit right. SmartGlamour makes clothes in sizes XXS to 6X, plus you can customize everything they make.

Smart Glamour

I started off my SmartGlamour collection with this beautiful Allison Pencil Skirt that I do not wear nearly enough!

Smart Glamour Skirt

I tried out their custom sizing on the Jackie Skinny Pant. The only other dress pants I have that almost fit are in girls sizes, and they’re super awkward. Needless to say, I will be ordering more of these.

Smart Glamour
I wear this Bridget Cardigan all the time. I keep it at my desk and wear it almost every day.

Smart GlamourLast weekend I visited their Manhattan pop-up shop and found this gorgeous Micah Colorblocked Tank Dress.

Smart Glamour

Smart GlamourSmart GlamourDefinitely check out the shop in person before the end of May if you’re in the city.

Smart Glamour

Smart Glamour

Smart Glamour
Smart Glamour Smart Glamour Smart Glamour Smart Glamour

The message and quality of the clothes (they’re all handmade in NYC) cannot be beat. I already have a list of pieces for my next order!

You can find SmartGlamour on the web at their site:

Also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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