Clearance Clothing Haul

I’ve been making a conscious effort to buy things we need as opposed to want but I was a total sucker when I got a recent 70% off clearance plus free shipping email from Abercrombie.

Since it was free shipping on all orders I was just going to buy a burnout tank because I bought one on another clearance sale and I love it. I ended up getting long sleeve shirts because they were under $10, sport leggings because I threw away a bunch of old ones, sport shorts because I all of my workout shorts are falling off of me, and a pair of natural waist denim shorts.

San OnofreSan Onofre shirt from Hollister. Really soft shirt, and as long as you don’t hang them, or over dry them in the dryer, they keep their shape pretty well. For under $8, they’re great. The only thing is sizing, generally I’m a small in tops, but these fit a little looser.

San OnofreSan Onofre shirt from Hollister.

Natural waist shortsNatural waist shorts. Ever since I bought a pair of high rise skinny jeans, I’ve been hooked. I never, ever, thought I’d buy a pair of mom jeans, but here I am, spending money on a 5 inch zipper. I only bought one pair because I have a few pairs of low rise shorts. These fit really well, and I feel like they’re covering my belly instead of cutting in weird places like the low rise.

Sport top and shorts
I really love this burnout tank. I got one to try a few months ago when it was on clearance. I like to workout in tank tops, but I don’t have any with a racer back top, so they look weird with a sports bra. This top has a built in sports bra that’s actually fairly decent. I don’t know that’d I’d run a marathon in it, but it’s more than sufficient for yoga or a quick p90x workout. I only bought one extra one (last time I got it for $12, this time it was $17 I think), but I’m excited to wear it this summer. It’s really lightweight and it’s really cute too.

The shorts are a nice material. They’re supposed to wick sweat away. They’re a thick material, but very stretchy.

Sport Leggings

The sport leggings are made of the same material and I really like them. I stopped buying cotton leggings because they stretch out over time, but these are 88% polyester and 12% spandex. They’re tight, but breathable. I also spilled some tea on my leg, and it wiped right off. I’d say they’re a really good deal for $15.

I really didn’t start shopping at Abercrombie until recently. My teenage self would be super jealous/proud I think. I still only buy stuff when they have sales, this order was under $100 for 3 tops and 3 bottoms, which is pretty good for A&F.

Did you buy anything new for summer?

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