Mother's Day Weekend in Pictures

On Mother’s Day, we took our annual trip to IKEA and Trader Joe’s. I did good, and only spent about $100. We got ideas for our kitchen island, and really liked the layout of this walk-in pantry they had on the showroom floor. Of course, I had a list of things to get from IKEA, and had instant buyer’s remorse when I got home and didn’t get everything (curtains, photo ledge, white picture frames).

IMAG6805 IMAG6806 IMAG6807

At Trader Joe’s I got the most delicious falafel wrap. After I ate it, I realized it was 680 calories…oops!

IMAG6817 IMAG6818

I also got tofu spring rolls.IMAG6821

And chile spiced mango. I wasn’t sure if I liked them at first, but the bag only lasted two days, so I guess they were pretty good.


I got this huge palm for $10.50 at IKEA, and I decided to try with another orchid ($9.99). The flowers are looking great, but I’ve already lost one dark green petal. I wasn’t sure about buying plants from a furniture store, but they were both cheap.

IMAG6834 IMAG6837

I also got this beautiful lily as a Mother’s Day gift.


And this faucet (which was really more for my husband).


I did a little bit of de-wallpapering because this is where we’re planning to put the pantry. That’s a doorway from the kitchen into the living room, and we’d like to put up a piece of drywall to block it off. We’re not in any rush, but my job was to take down the wall paper, so now I can say I did my part!
Did you do anything special for Mother’s Day? Or have any home renovations going on?

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