Vitacost Haul


This is only my second order from Vitacost, so I won’t say I’m obsessed yet, but I love the huge selection of beauty products.  I’d say they have a bigger selection and cheaper prices than Amazon when it comes to natural hair care and makeup products.

DSC_0148 DSC_0150

I have a recurring order of vitamins for everyone. Since we don’t finish bottles at the same time, I have 5 kids bottles and 4 adult bottles delivered every couple of months. I used to buy men’s One a Day vitamins for my husband, but now I just buy us the same to keep it simple. I was buying the VegLife for adults, but they were out of stock, so I picked up these.


I’m starting to think I have a protein problem. I blame all the “oh you’re a vegan, where do you get your protein from?” comments. I honestly think I get more than enough protein in my normal diet, but I like to add a scoop of this to my shakes and pretty much everything else. I really like that it’s raw, and obviously vegan. I make cookies out of it, waffles, cakes, etc. Basically anything you use flour in, you can sub this protein powder. This is my favorite brand too. I feel good about the ingredients, and even though it’s still pretty expensive, it’s cheaper than most of the other vegan proteins.


I’ve been trying to find soap, face wash, and shampoos specifically for hard water. The only shampoo I really found was this Malibu Wellness Making Water Well shampoo and conditioner. I really liked it, but it’s so expensive, so I decided to try these Giovanni shampoo and conditioner instead. I’ve tried the Giovanni brand before and didn’t think it was anything too special, but these have really good reviews. I’ve used them a few times so far and I really like the smell and feel of them. I haven’t noticed a huge difference (I don’t really expect to) but I like the way they make my hair feel.

DSC_0156I wanted to spend $65 in my order so that I would get the free shipping, so I loaded up my cart with a few food things I was out of. The organic sriracha (which I go through entirely way too fast) was the same price as if I were to buy it at Giant. The cumin was a little bit cheaper, but they also don’t sell organic spices at my local store, so I’d have to drive to a further one.


The PB Slim isn’t organic, but it is made with non-gmo peanuts. It was also way cheaper than the Just Great Stuff powdered peanut butter that I usually buy ($4.49 vs $8.49).


Now for these bad boys…


I prefer to make my own “bars” because it’s way cheaper, and you can put exactly what you want in them, but I like to have something prepackaged to keep in my car or purse, just in case I’m out all day and don’t have time to eat. I’ve bought the cashew cookie and chocolate raspberry flavors before and I like that they’re high in calories, because even though you can eat them in a few bites, they’re a bit more satisfying.


I calculated the price of these tiny bars, vs the larger bars, and these were more cost effective per gram. I knew I was buying the small ones, but I didn’t realize they were the size of a fun size candy bar.


The picture doesn’t do them justice. They are TINY. I also think I got so caught up on which size to buy that I skimmed over the ingredients. These guys are DELICIOUS. Unfortunately, it’s because they’re mainly chocolate chunk pieces. With more sugar than an actual fun size candy bar, these are no where near as healthy as I was hoping. I know most food bars are high in sugar, and I’m kind of okay with that as long as it’s from fruit, but a majority of the sugar from these are in the form of actual processed sugar in the chocolate chunks. DSC_0169

But like I said, they are really, really tasty.

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