Happy New Year and Bucket List

Happy New Year! I’m not one for resolutions, but here are some short term goals I made, and a growing bucket list.

Short term goals:

Complete 90 days of p90x3. I’ve done 3 days so far and love it. It’s the perfect length of time to be doable (not too long) and it’s intense enough that it feels like I’m really working hard. I LOVE the yoga workout. The stretching is great, it moves at a steady pace, and you can easily modify any of the movements to your skill level.

No spend January. I plan on not buying anything except for groceries and gas this month (and my auto deduction for car insurance). No clothes, unnecessary beauty products, gadgets, etc. I’m trying to cap off all spending at $450… that’s $100 a week for groceries, and $50 for gas (I won’t spend $50 in gas, but then I’ll have a little wiggle room).

Keep my desk clean for the month of January. I planned on having it clean before January 1st and keeping it clean. I’m already failing at that. Hopefully it’ll be clean before the end of the month.

Paint the hallway before the end of January. My goal was to have this done before Christmas, but then holiday and work stuff popped up and it became impossible to work on. So far the walls are all primed, I just need to do another coat of primer on the trim and then paint the walls and trim. The doors need painted too, but that will be another project to take all 4 doors down and prime/paint them.

Put various amounts of money aside into savings each week. Kind of like this chart, but instead I’m going to vary it to make it a little more even…ie Week 1: $1 Week 2: $52 Week 3: $2. I can’t imagine putting away $50/week in Nov and Dec during the holidays.

Long term bucket list:

  • Spend Christmas through New Years in London (and watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special there).
  • Be fluent in another language.
  • Be able to hold conversations in Arabic and Greek.
  • Spend New Years in Japan.
  • Visit the island of Koh Samui.
  • Visit France (for more than just a layover)
  • Live in another country for a year.
  • Grow all fruits and vegetables eaten for a year.
  • Experience a shaman ceremony in Central or South America
  • Be a part of a film crew for a show I’m a fan of

(I’ve never really had a bucket list until now, so it’s To Be Continued…)

Did you make any New Years resolutions this year?

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