Weekend in Pictures…Wegman's Adventures and Lots of Waffles

In no particular order, this weekend…

I went searching unsuccessfully for this…


My twitter friend asked why I hadn’t posted any full size wedding pictures, and I explained it was because my husband (yep, still sounds weird), doesn’t want his picture on the Internet, so then I did this…PicsArt_1382140316446

I went to Wegman’s (spent way too much money) and found lots of fun vegan products, like Daiya pepperjack, Primal vegan (Texas BBQ!) jerky strips (didn’t buy), vampire killer kale chips (instabuy), Go Max Go candy bars (also instabuys), vegan marshmallows, and I was astonished by the wall of alternative milks.collage

We got a new thermostat and officially turned on the heat.


I cleaned out my closet…a before picture would probably make this more impressive since it was fulled with unpacked boxes from the move.IMAG3149_1

I made our (one week) anniversary dinner from our Candle 79 cookbook. This was Nori and sesame crusted seitan, with jasmine rice, gingered veggies, and edamame mint sauce. I also made ginger-seitan spring rolls.


I also bought these at Wegmans…not bad but I’m not sure I’ll buy again.


We also had waffles for dinner, with a strawberry reduction instead of agave.pic20131018172248

Also got these at Wegmans, and they are really really good (and also gone). I’m a sucker for anything sprouted.pic20131018202503

We tried the Go Max Go Twilight (Milkyway) and Jokerz (Snickers) bars…it’s a good thing they aren’t cheaper and easier to find because I would have zero self control eating these all the time.pic20131019194026

What’d you do this weekend?

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