Things We Did Right Before and During Our Move

These past 2 weeks since moving have been so crazy and hectic! I felt like I’d been preparing for our move before we even put an offer down on the house, and we still weren’t completely ready when the time actually came. Here are a few things we did right in preparation for our big move:

Preparing food…Although I ended up throwing away a few muffins that were getting funky, having the food ready ahead of time was a huge help. A few days before our move I was a baking fiend, I made and froze:

  • Lasagna
  • Enchiladas
  • Baked oatmeal (one blueberry, one strawberry)
  • Pumpkin bread, muffins, and donuts
  • Zucchini-carrot muffins
  • Brownies
  • Chocolate chip plantain cookies
  • Earl grey tea muffins with lemon glaze
  • Pumpkin spice mini cheese cakes


Baked oatmeal for breakfasts

Renting the largest U-Haul truck we could get. Last time I moved, we borrowed a trailer from family and made a few trips, this year we weren’t messing around and rented a 26 foot U-Haul truck. We filled it, and made a few more trips with the cars, but for the most part it was done for $103 total.

Having family help us move. I’m so grateful to all the people that helped us (we had 7 people here on the day of). I usually like to do things myself, especially when it comes to putting things where they belong, that way I know where they are, but it would’ve taken us days if we had done it ourselves. I wish we had been a little more prepared with EVERYTHING in boxes, that way all we had to do was move it to/from the truck, but it was great having all the extra help.

Hiring an exterminator. I’m the biggest pacifist there is, especially when it comes to bugs. I put them outside, and make everyone else in the house put them outside too (when I’m around). I wasn’t so much worried about killing bugs here, rather than spraying something to deter them from coming back. I also don’t like using harsh chemicals since we have animals and small children, but we were assured it would be safe (as long as the kids/cat weren’t licking the perimeter of the house as he was spraying). I considered buying a few $10 sprayers from the Home Depot and doing it myself, but since the house had been vacant for so long and there are so many nooks and crannies, I ponied up for a professional. It was just under $200 for John from Pestex to come and do the inside and outside of the house and I must say I couldn’t have been happier. He was here for almost 2.5 hours, and even took a broom and knocked down some of the cob webs in the corners of the rooms for me. So far I haven’t seen a single spider, which is a huge difference from before we moved in. It was recommended to spray for spiders once a year, and I’d be happy to give Pestex more business after the awesome job they did for us.

Poor little guy

(Update: Dead spiders and centipedes have been popping up all over the place…I also kind of regret my decision since we found this little guy that didn’t make it.)

Scheduling our lease and mortgage to be continuous. We paid for our lease up through the end of August and closed on the house July 31st, which meant our first mortgage payment will be due Sept 1st (when our rent would’ve been due.) This worked out because we didn’t have any double payments (yuck), and we had a whole month to move out of our townhouse and make sure everything was clean.

Having a plan. We knew there were a lot of minor things that could be done as soon as we moved in, and since my parents were coming to stay for the week, they were a great help. Before we moved in, I made a list of things they could help with. My dad did a lot of yard work (he likes that sort of thing, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself), trimming hedges, and removing overgrown foliage, and my mom spent her days removing wallpaper.

Labeling boxes. At least the ones that we did actually label. It seems pretty obvious, but after a while all the boxes start to look the same, and labeling with the room name and contents made all the difference while unloading.

Hopefully this will be our last move for a long while, but do you have any tips or tricks to make moving go more smoothly?

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