Earl Grey Muffins with Citrus Drizzle


I’ve been baking and freezing as much food as I can for our moving weekend, and I recently stumbled upon this recipe for Earl Grey Muffins over at Just Bento.  I followed the recipe, but I found that they weren’t really sweet enough for me (and I am not a fan of overly sweet things), so I added an orange-lemon drizzle. I do love that they are low in sugar, but a touch of citrus icing makes them sweeter, and ties in with the earl grey tea.

I was also afraid to use too much tea (I used one teaspoon of my Earl Grey that I crushed in my fingers, as the recipe calls for), but it was a very light flavor…nice, but it could’ve used a touch more. Overall, these are really tasty. I think adding bergamot extract, or using it in the icing would make them even more perfect.

My substitutions were the usual…I used Ener-G Egg Replacer for the eggs, and almond milk + vinegar for the buttermilk. I used 4 Tbsp coconut sugar, but if you like sweeter muffins, I’d recommend adding an extra 2 or more Tbsp.

For the drizzle, I used about half a cup of organic confectioner’s sugar, with a drop of orange extract, and enough lemon juice to make the mixture liquid. I only used about half of the icing I made.

I can attest that these go really well with Pumpkin Spice Tea…I can’t tell you why I didn’t try them with Earl Grey, because I’m sure they would be the perfect afternoon tea snack.


DSC_0981sm DSC_0984sm DSC_0986sm

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