Revamping the Sunroom

DSC_0191sm2So as most of you probably know, we officially made a huge purchase last week. The house is incredibly beautiful and has a ton of extras most of the other houses in our price range didn’t have…sun room, swing set, gazebo, security system, two two car garages, super hip intercom system, some land, etc… The only thing is, is that it was built in the 60’s and could use a bit of updating. We plan to do a whole house remodel over the next few years, but one room I’m thinking of diving right into is the sun room.

It’s really not bad, especially now that all the spider webs are gone from the corners, but I think it would have a nicer feel if it was brighter.

I also wasn’t sure if I was going to post about the project before we started it, but I’m still looking for ideas, so I figured crowd sourcing for ideas wouldn’t hurt.

We’re still shopping for wicker furniture. We were hoping to hit end of the season sales, but everything is pretty much gone already. Pier1 has some stuff that’s okay, but still more than we were looking to spend. We might get a set from a family member who’s getting rid of theirs. Originally, I liked the darker mocha colors, but since we’re painting the room white, I’m thinking white furniture with bright fun cushions.

Here is what we’re thinking so far:

  • Paint wood paneling a crisp white
  • Paint the wood underneath, and all the trim a light grey (?)
  • New sconces…maybe 4 instead of 8
  • Wire the sconces to a switch instead of having to turn on each individually
  • Replace beige outlet covers with white ones
  • Windows…replacing hardware with white (?)
  • Windows…painting metal part of screen white (?)
  • Paint ceiling beams (?)
  • Remove/replace rug (?)
  • Remove stove (?)
  • Add wicker furniture


*I debated posting pictures of the house online. I was really nervous to do it for the obvious safety issue, but I really wanted to show everyone the projects and changes we’re working on. In the end, I decided to share since we have a pretty awesome security system.

 I’ve gotten a lot of great suggestions so far, do you have any home makeover tips?

3 thoughts on “Revamping the Sunroom

  1. Cindy says:

    I would not make trim or lower part very dark. It will bring the room in making it seem smaller. Slight contrast or make all the same.
    If window hardware is sliver /chrome I would not replace.
    Good floor foundation? Yes, remove carpet. (Keep it down till painting done to protect floor)
    Dimmer on sconces….I question scones at all??? Other lighting choices?
    I have a wicker set and question why all the time. Not comfortable
    Ceiling painting is about the look you want .
    If you will not use stove remove/sell Taking up valuable floor space.

    As daughter of electrician only replace covers if really drives you nuts because rewiring has to be done of plugs

    Love, love the stone!!


    • Christine says:

      I love your suggestions!
      For the trim, I was thinking a really light blue-ish grey, just to have some contrast, but we’re going to do it all white to start and see what we think.
      The window hardware is a dark grey…I think it would look nicer lighter, but it’ll be something we do if we think it looks out of place. Changing the window locks seem near impossible!
      Ground floor is a patio stone. I definitely want to remove the carpet, but not sure we want the stone.
      I love the idea of a dimmer.
      The number one thing for the furniture is comfort…just kind of figured wicker would “go”.
      I liked the idea of using the stove for heat in the winter time but the Mr. wants to get rid of it.
      I never thought about what a pain it would be to change the outlets! Some of the outlets in the house are original and don’t have a ground, so maybe when we replace those, *then* we’ll do the sun room.

      You have me thinking about a lot more now! =)


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