First Night in Japan

I’m finally here! Today I traveled to Takanobaba Station. I’m really proud of myself for successfully getting to my first meeting spot without getting lost. I got there a while before I was supposed to meet Miriam, so I walked over to the McDonalds and got a coffee. Yes, when overwhelmed and scared, I ran to the first American establishment I could find haha.

I’m surprised by how chilly it is here. I’m also nervous and exhausted. I waited a while for Miriam and her friend to get to the station. We grabbed some food and then headed to Ben’s Cafe for a poetry and short story night.  I had a great pot of citrus rose tea. I’m so grateful to have Miriam to show me around. I’d only been here for a few hours and I know I’d never be doing anything like this if I was on my own. I got to meet and talk with some really interesting people at the cafe. It seems like everyone else outside of the US travels all the time. Maybe because in other parts of the world it’s easier to go to different coutries? One guy there reminded me so much of one of my favorite religion professors at college. I hope he’s doing well.

After the cafe we walked to where I’ll be staying for a few nights. It’s a house that is rented out to a few different people. Miriam and her boyfriend have an extra room attached to their part of the house so I’ll be staying in there on some mats. I don’t know where I’m going to stay after I leave Miriam’s, but I’m looking into some bed and breakfasts outside of Tokyo. It is freezing!!

En route


First steps outside of the train station


Outside of Takanobaba Station


Big Box


Scared and out of place, I ran to the first American thing I could find ha!


My bed for a few days

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