I've been thinking a lot about traveling lately. How I miss it, and planning hypothetical trips to help motivate me and get serious about saving money.  I was also thinking about how different travel is when you are going solo vs when you have a family. When I went to Greece, I wasn't alone, but … Continue reading Wanderlust

Japan Day 4: Asakusa Shrine and Travel to Mishima

Today I left Miriam's and headed to Sensoji, a Buddhist temple. I was nervous to be off on my own, but had this new found sense of courage. The temple and shrine were gorgeous. I could just sit there and think all day. I still can't believe I'm here and doing this. The whole thing is … Continue reading Japan Day 4: Asakusa Shrine and Travel to Mishima


I've decided to take a trip to Japan. It's been too long since I've been exploring in another country and I can't put it off any longer. I'm not sure why Japan. It came to me and I thought why not? The whole process of planning the trip has taken about 3 weeks. Talk about … Continue reading Japan