Raw Review: Lulu's Chocolate Bars

Lulu’s Chocolate:

Initial thoughts: Sexy packaging. So far I’ve eaten all except for the Raw Love and the Maca Green bars. I tried the Aztec Crunch bar first because crunch bars are one of my favorite candy bars, and I enjoy cacao nibs. I have to say I didn’t care for it. The chocolate had a slightly weird aftertaste and the clusters of cacao nibs tasted off too.

Next, I had the Coco Cin bar. This was my favorite out of the bunch, and it was awesome. The cinnamon was strong and the coconut was subtle. They complimented each other really well.

The Chocolate Maca Chunk and Maca Love were next, and I didn’t like them.  I’m guessing it’s the maca. They both had a green aftertaste that did not fit well with the chocolate.

I’ve been holding out on the last two because I’m a little afraid I won’t like them. I don’t want to have negative expectations, but if the first two maca bars were anything like the Maca Green bar that I have left I don’t think I’m going to like it at all. Hopefully, if the Raw Love is just plain chocolate (which it appears to be) I’ll like that one.

I got 6 raw chocolate bars for $13. I feel like it was a good deal, or would’ve been if I actually liked them. I love raw chocolate, and I make it all the time, but these flavors just didn’t jive together.

Aztec Crunch:

Coconut Cin:

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