Raw Review: Kaia Foods

I recently saw Daily Gourmet had a special of raw foods from Kaia Foods. I had signed up for Daily Gourmet emails but I had never used it before, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it out. Now, first of all I looked at the deal and I wasn’t really interested in the package they were offering, mostly because it included 8 fruit leathers and I never cared for fruit leather. I did like their website though and I was considering just ordering stuff that I was actually interested in.

In the end, the free shipping and discounted prices made me go with the Daily Gourmet deal. I’m spoiled with Amazon’s Prime shipping and I was nervous about how long this was going to take to ship. About 3 weeks after I placed the order I got an email apologizing for the delay and I received a $5 credit. It took another couple of days before I got the package.

The Goods:


Fruit leathers– I think I should’ve gone with my gut instinct on this one because I don’t love them. So far I’ve tried the vanilla pear and the lime ginger. The flavor is good in both of them, but I’m not a fan of the texture. The 3rd one I ate was burnt, and I haven’t eaten any more since.


Kale chips– I was expecting dehydrated kale doused in seasoning. I was completely wrong, but I’m not disappointed. They were more like round crackers, embedded with sunflower seeds. So far, I’ve tried the bbq, chili lime, and salt & vinegar. They all kind of taste the same with a different aftertaste. I don’t really taste the lime in the chili lime, they taste like the others with just a little bit of heat. I was a little disappointed in the amount of chips in the packages. The bbq only had 4 round “chips”, the other ones had about 6 (including broken pieces). They also include a packet of silica gel to preserve freshness. The gel packet in the bbq bag had gotten stuck on the back of the first chip I picked up, and even though I saw it, I could see accidentally biting into it. 

Granola– In the package was the cocoa bliss granola. The flavor is very reminiscent of chocolate graham crackers, but some pieces have a funny aftertaste. I think it might be the pieces with more buckwheat. If broken into smaller pieces I think this would make a good cereal with almond milk.


For the discounted price (and the fact that I got a $5 credit) I feel like I got an okay deal. I was excited to try everything, but after I did, I wasn’t really excited to finish it. The prices on the website are reasonable and by no means were the products bad. Just not outstanding. The fact that it took almost a month to get my package definitely doesn’t sit well with me, but they did apologize and tried to compensate. I’m guessing it was a shipping delay from Kaia Foods, most likely because I went through Daily Gourmet.

Overall, I hope the company does well and is able to grow and offer more products. I’m not sure I would buy from them again right now, but they have a lot of potential.

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