Work With Me

Product Reviews and Giveaways:

If you have a product you think aligns with my blog, and would like an honest review or would like to host a giveaway, please contact me! Examples of products that would be a great fit: vegan food/beauty/health care/clothing, yoga products, tea, travel gear. 

Travel Blogging and Business Reviews

My ultimate dream is to travel. Do you have a business or event that you’d like me to share on my blog? I’ve written about several restaurants and food festivals, including my favorite…vegfests!

Recipe Testing:

Contact me if you need help recipe testing for your cookbook, blog, brand, etc. This includes recipe feedback and photography.

Guest Blogging:

I’d love to share a recipe or other type of post with your readers. An example of a company I have worked with is Tofutti.

Website Development and Content Management:

Do you need help setting up a website for your brand? Or need someone to help publish your content and keep your website information current? I’m available for one time set up, long term projects, and consultations. 

Use the following form to contact me about business opportunities.