DC Vegfest 2016

DC Vegfest 2016 The DC Vegfest is one of my absolute favorite events. It’s huge and there are so many local and big name companies there. This year’s event was fantastic! The speakers were great and there were so many free samples! 

Summoning my inner hippie flower child

It was overcast for the morning, but the weather held out

So many free samples!

I love seeing Compassion Co at all the different vegfests!

The Vegan Roadie spoke about improvising vegan food while traveling.

We grabbed a couple of pitas from Shouk and wow, I wish I had ordered two. They were delicious.  Heidi Ho had free samples of their nacho cheese. They also gave out coupons for free product, but it isn’t sold anywhere near me. =( It is one of the best nacho cheeses I’ve ever had, right up there with Nacheeze.

Tofurky was there with free samples of their chorizo with nachos and cheese . This was so, so, so good! Elizabeth Kucinich was another great speaker. Torre Washington was there too! (It really was a star studded event!)

We got vegan hot dogs from Yeah Dawgs. I got the Viva Dog – pickled pnieapple, coconut bacon, and chipotle mayo.

My husband got the New Yorker Dawg with sauerkraut and dill relish.

The organizers of this event are phenomenal. There is live music, a beer garden, kids activities, speakers, and so much more. There is also a free swag bag full of coupons and free samples for the first 1,000 people. If you’re in the DC area, even if you aren’t vegan, I cannot recommend this food festival enough. 

Free swag!

The next event is Sept. 2, 2017, I hope to see you there!

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