June Splits Week 4 and Progress Pictures

Here are days 22-25 of the June Summer Splits challenge. I loved this challenge because I can really see the progress. In March, I posted this:Standing Splits March

And then during the challenge, I got this:

Splits JuneHonestly, I only practiced the pose a few times between March and June, it wasn’t until starting the daily yoga challenges that I really practiced splits every day.

Yoga June Week 4

Below, there are pictures comparing my splits from May 15th (right) and then from June 25th (left). While it doesn’t look like a huge difference, it feels so much more comfortable. In May, I was about 95% down, and it was very uncomfortable to lift my arms up. In June, my front leg is down all the way, and it really wasn’t bad lifting my arms.

Yoga splits May vs June

Yoga Splits… May (left) vs June (right)

I’m thrilled because for as long as I can remember, I could *almost* do a complete split, and now I’m just about there. I know I still have a way to go, but it’s an awesome lesson in practicing and getting better at something.

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