Thanksgiving 2013

This year I’m especially thankful for:

  • Our beautiful house
  • My job that allows me to work from home
  • My husband
  • The fact that my non-vegan husband is so flexible with all of our vegan meals (except tofu)
  • Our family

We’ve had a really great year this past year, and every day (walking down our long hallway to get to the other side of the house) I think about how truly lucky I am.

This year we had a relaxing Thanksgiving at home, and it was glorious. Usually we alternate years going to each other’s families houses, but I tossed out the idea of maybe spending our first Thanksgiving in our house and as a married couple here, and he totally went for it.

Earlier in the month we did our tradition of adopting a turkey (last year M asked when he was being delivered to the house lol).


And we had a not so traditional meal of Asian-ish food. I say “ish” because besides the fact that I’m sure any Asian person would scoff at my attempt at cooking, I also cheated a bunch. We had veggie sushi, spring rolls, miso soup, and Asian-inspired stuffed mushrooms (recipe up tomorrow).


I mostly ate the tofu, but I did hide a few pieces in the sushi.


In the spring rolls was leafy green lettuce, carrots, red and orange sweet peppers, cucumbers, avocado, tofu (in mine), and mint.

One of the prettier ones.


Usually I made spicy mayo with veganaise and sriracha, but I wasn’t thinking and finished the sriracha for breakfast. So this was veganaise and Frank’s.


Thanksgiving20135 Thanksgiving20136

Despite having a tub of miso, I cheated and used this powered soup.


I made the mushrooms with panko breadcrumbs, miso, and tamari to give them an Asian flavor…they were great.

Thanksgiving20137 Thanksgiving20138 Thanksgiving20139



For dessert we had pumpkin spice muffins and donuts.

Do you do anything non-traditional for the holidays?

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