Ghosts and a Dead Dryer

Thursday I tried to finish priming the hallway, but I ran out of primer. We bought more on Saturday, but the wall still looks like this. =(

Friday I made cornmeal crusted okra. I searched all summer for fresh okra but couldn’t find any, so I finally bought frozen. I think next year I’ll try growing it. Funny story…I asked my husband what vegetable he thought it was, he said “kee-wan?”


Saturday night I bought some scrapbooking stuff for a wedding scrapbook. I never thought punches were worth the money, but they were 40% off at A.C. Moore and Michael’s so I got 3.

I had a list that I didn’t really end up following (I’m getting page ideas from here), but I’m glad I picked up this Fleur De Lis punch because it’s beautiful.


This one wasn’t on my list either, but the one that I wanted only came in a set and it was like 30 bucks…no thank you.

I try to stay away from these drinks because of the amount of sugar, but I’ve been baking a lot with them, so I had to justify buying another carton when my first was running out. I like the Silk one, but the SO Delicious one is so much thicker like real eggnog. I could drink the whole thing in one sitting.

We finally tested for lead after reading this post. We had wanted to check, since the house is older, and then we decided after we tore the wallpaper down we were just going to paint immediately so we weren’t going to check. Then the painting kind of stopped getting done (as you can see by my first picture), so I was getting myself worried about the paint chips that are exposed. I used all 8 strips and all came back negative. Phew. 


Someone on my Twitter feed posted a Pinterest link to a mock Starbucks black bean wrap.  It doesn’t look very pretty but it was really good. I used horseradish Veganaise, and Tofutti cheese slices. I grilled it in the waffle maker to make the wrap nice and crispy.

I found this at the Etown Giant and immediately grabbed it. I didn’t even realize it was jalapeno garlic until I got home. I’m in love. This is the only fake cheese I have ever enjoyed eating raw. I try to stay away from “fake” stuff in general, but I miss good block cheese and crackers. I can’t stress how awesome this is. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had real cheese in ages, but this tastes exactly like real cheese. I ate it cubed, and also spread it on some tortilla chips (because we’re out of crackers). Either way…delicious!

After 2 loads of wet clothes in the washer, we realized our dryer died. So I took a late night (8:30) emergency trip to the laundromat. I couldn’t find a website with the hours, but we looked on google maps and saw the 24 hour sign in the window.


It was really quiet at 9 o’clock on a Sunday night in Middletown, but Bear’s Emporium had an open sign. I’ve never been there, or anywhere except for the Brownstone Cafe, so I walked down and talked to Paul the owner for a while. I asked about the MAPS sign in the window and he told me all about the paranormal investigation team they have. How awesome is that?



He has a lot of Native American stuff, including this tea. I’m drinking a cup now and it’s really tasty.

What’d you do this weekend?

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