Shopping and Pho…A Weekend in Pictures

When we bought our house, I found out the hard way that we were seriously downgrading grocery stores. Our last Giant had a great (and expanding) organic section, and even a beer garden. Apparently this Giant got rid of their organic section a while ago and integrated the products throughout the rest of the store. They have almond milk, but absolutely no other non dairy products…which makes me super sad. It’s not a huge deal, I head to a Giant in a neighboring town, but it’s not as convenient as before.

Well, Friday afternoon I decided for dinner to make some pho and was going to finally try to make spring rolls. I looked up recipes and even watched a how to video. I went to our Giant to get the stuff and got everything until I went to the Asian section and this Giant didn’t have spring roll wrappers like the other one…I should’ve known!

So I settled with frozen spring rolls, which weren’t as good, but they were easier.

 saladDinner salad  food

Faux pho, tofu, and frozen spring rolls.

Friday I got a few things to help with our hard water sitch. I’ve been wanting to try e.l.f. brand for a while because it’s a vegan brand and it’s not tested on animals…and it’s also a steal price-wise.


Malibu C Hard Water Wellness shampoo and conditioner, and a weekly treatment. Yes to Carrots face wipes, and e.l.f. zit zapper ($1!!).candle

I got a pumpkin nutmeg soy candle and it rocks.

weekendI was out of mascara, so the main reason we went to Target was to get e.l.f. mascara ($3). I need a dress for an occasion in October, so I checked out Banana Republic, Loft, Ann Taylor, Loft, and White House Black Market this weekend. I absolutely loved the grey top from Loft, but at $39.99, I really didn’t need it.

In other news, I downed half a container of chili garlic sauce this weekend, and had oatmeal with frozen peaches, pomegranate, and raspberries for breakfast on Sunday.


These were all of the dresses I tried on…I did settle on one…any guesses?


I finally finished this book, Life’s That Way by Jim Beaver. I read half of the book in a weekend about a month ago, then another 3/4ths of it, and I think I was saving the last little bit because I didn’t want it to be over. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read and I highly recommend it.

I think I want to make some kind of art out of a few pages of the book, maybe something like this and this. I think I want to take four pages and stick them in white frames in the hallway, but I’m not positive yet.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

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