My Experience With The Chiropractor So Far


I’ve been going to the chiropractor for 4 weeks now, and have had 8 sessions (not including the initial consultation). So far every appointment has been the same: 10 minutes on the Spinalator, and then a quick adjustment.


I love the Spinalator machine. It’s basically a table with a roller in the middle of it that slowly rolls up and down your spine lifting each segment one at a time. I’m not not a doctor so I can’t speak definitively of the benefits, but in yoga there are a lot of movements where you move one vertebrae at a time, so I would assume it is good for spinal health. Plus  it feels amazing. I like to zone out and meditate while on the Spinalator. If they weren’t 2-3 grand (or if I had a spare 2k or 3k laying around), I would totally buy one to use at home.

I like the adjustments because I like having my back cracked. After the appointment, my back always feels a lot looser, and if I had back pain before I went in, it’s usually milder.

Overall, my back is sore a lot less since I’ve been going, which is great. I think I will only be going for a few more weeks, until we move. There is a chiropractor I could go to near our new house, but I’m not going to start right away.

Another thing I’ve noticed is how much more flexible my back seems. I’ve been able to do forward bends and other stretches a lot easier lately. I’m going to credit that one to the Spinalator.

Obviously, the only definite answer to back pain is a lifestyle change, but I feel like my visits to the chiropractor have been beneficial. I can see why people would be skeptical though, you don’t really notice a huge change after each visit, and I’m sure if you stop going, the benefits go away immediately.

I still question the bottle of cocoa butter in each room though…IMAG1359

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