Raw Chocolates Round Two

I had written a post a while ago about making raw chocolates and I inadvertently deleted it (and didn’t have a backup). Instead of rewriting it, I thought it was an excellent excuse to make chocolates again and this time make them even better.


Last time I bought a chocolate making kit that came with cacao butter, cacao powder, and goji berries. It was about $10 and made 12 chocolates. This time I decided to buy the ingredients myself. I got butter and powder from NutsOnline. The cacao butter was $14.99/lb and the cacao powder was $12.99/lb. I also used agave nectar which I already had in my kitchen (<$5). I ordered the butter and powder, along with maca powder, at about 2pm on a Wednesday, and I received the package (standard shipping and with a free sample of chia seeds) the following morning, so big props to NutsOnline.com. I wanted to buy actual candy molds this time but never got around to it, oh well.

I wasn’t sure of the proportions since last time they were measured out for me, so I took an educated guess:

  • 3/4 cup  cacao butter
  • 1/4 cup cacao powder
  • 1 tsp agave

The instructions on my kit had said to shred the cacao butter, which I started to do, but shaving it with a knife was easier and produced the same results.



Put hot water in a large bowl and place the bowl of cacao butter inside of it. Stir it occasionally.

Melting Cacao Butter

After the butter is completely melted, mix in the cacao powder and agave nectar. Last time I used too much agave, and it didn’t mix well in some of the candies so this time I only used a tsp, but you could use more if you want them sweeter.

Mixing Cacao Powder

Just About Mixed

I added some goji berries and cacao nibs to some of them.

Fancy Candy Molds

Pour the chocolate into the molds and pop into the freezer.

Melted Chocolate

It doesn’t take long for the chocolate to harden, I usually leave them in for a few hours just to be safe.

If you’re interested in raw chocolate making I’d recommend getting this chocolate making kit from iHerb. They have different types of add-ins, and you can get $5 off your order with coupon code INE500. If you want to buy your ingredients in bulk, I’d recommend NutsOnline because they have very reasonable pricing and their shipping rocked.




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