She's Got Legs August Yoga Challenge

I'm so excited for this upcoming challenge. The goal is to be able to put your foot/feet behind your head (like pictures #27 and #29), so saying I'm excited is an understatement. I've always been able to get my leg up, but I have this crazy fear it's going to get stuck behind my head … Continue reading She's Got Legs August Yoga Challenge

Independence ARMy Challenge Week 3

Week 3 was a lot more fun that week 2 of the July yoga challenge. Mainly because I can actually do the poses. Day 15 Day 16   I wasn't looking forward to day 17, but it really wasn't so bad. Day 18   And a video moving into it. Day 19 was way awkward, but not … Continue reading Independence ARMy Challenge Week 3

Independence ARMY Challenge Week 2

This week was definitely a challenge for me. Lifted L:   Baddha hasta sirsanana A, headstand:  Forearm plank: Vashishtasana: Shoulder-Pressing Pose Bhujapidasana: Forearm stand: Firefly Pose, Titibasana: Click here for week 1: Click for the first post about this month's challenge: