Detox Yo Body – Week 2 {Yoga Challenge}

Leave me a comment on Instagram if you’re doing the challenge too! Related Links: Detox Yo Body - Week 1 April Yoga Challenge - Detox Yo Body March Yoga Challenge - Journey to Handstand February Yoga Challenge - Let's Get Flexy in 2015 January Yoga Challenge - Be Strong in 2015

Detox Yo Body – Week 1 {Yoga Challenge}

There have been awesome poses so far in this challenge. As much as I love working on back bends, flexibility, and handstands, these are the types of poses that are my go to every single day. I like poses that you can rest in, take a few breaths, and then go further. I love just stretching/twisting … Continue reading Detox Yo Body – Week 1 {Yoga Challenge}

Detox Yo Body {Yoga Challenge}

April Yoga Challenge: DetoxYoBody The April Yoga Challenge  is #DetoxYoBody. Hosted by @beachyogagirl and @kinoyoga, and sponsored by @aloyoga.This month's challenge will focusing on detoxing by highlighting postures that will help eliminate toxins, cleanse, & renew the body. Kerri and Kino will also be highlighting some tips, recipes and other helpful ways to #DetoxYoBody. There will be giveaways from @aloyoga for those that participate daily. … Continue reading Detox Yo Body {Yoga Challenge}