Thanksgiving Meal Ideas {vegan}

Thanksgiving can be a really fun or really stressful holiday for vegans. While Thanksgiving is about family and giving thanks, 46 million turkeys are raised just to be slaughtered for this one day. Not to mention the number of undercover videos and charges of animal abuse exposing huge companies like Butterball. I try my best to … Continue reading Thanksgiving Meal Ideas {vegan}

Weekend Update: Birthday Edition

Saturday was my birthday and yesterday was my government birthday*. The celebrations started on Thursday with a trip to Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, about 2 hours away. We got a chocolate encased chocolate chip cheesecake on a stick, a soft serve ice cream cone, 2 cannolis to take home, and a cannoli cake for Saturday. … Continue reading Weekend Update: Birthday Edition

Raspberry Cheesecake

As a vegan, it's always a little weird going to people's houses for meals, especially big holiday gatherings. There's a fine line between politely declining something, and seeming like a snob. I always get a little nervous, just because I don't want people to think I'm being pretentious, and I also don't want anyone to … Continue reading Raspberry Cheesecake